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1 July 2021
Industry 2021

Bridge2HE, the network of National Contact Points, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in a brokerage event with pre-arranged Face2Face meetings completing the first Information Day organised by the European Commission on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space of the Horizon Europe program. 

This brokerage event is a unique networking opportunity for actors in the Industry field!

Why participate?

  • get the latest information from the European Commission
  • build quality partnerships for participating in Industry in Horizon Europe
  • facilitate the setup of project consortia for Horizon Europe calls
  • discuss and develop new project ideas on industrial technologies at international level
  • acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
  • promote your research results, technologies and know-how

Who can participate?

Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes worldwide working in the industry sector, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners.

Main topics 


The call topics indicated in the brokerate system refer to the topics of the Digital, Industry & Space work programme. The brokerage event is open to all Industry related areas of Horizon Europe, in particular:

  • Destination 1: Climate Neutral, Circular and Digitised Production
    • Green, flexible and advanced manufacturing
    • Advanced digital technologies for manufacturing
    • A new way to build, accelerating disruptive change in construction
    • Hubs for circularity, a stepping stone towards climate neutrality and circularity in industry
    • Enabling circularity of resources in the process industries, including waste and CO2/CO
    • Integration of Renewables and Electrification in process industry
  • Destination 2: Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains for Resilient Industry 
    • Novel paradigms to establish resilient and circular value chains
    • Green and Sustainable Materials
    • Materials for the benefit of society and the environment and materials for climate-neutral Industry
    • Materials and data cross-cutting actions
    • Improving the resilience and preparedness of EU businesses, especially SMEs and Startups
  • Destination 4 (parts of): Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the green deal
    • European leadership in Emerging Enabling Technologies
    • Innovation in AI, Data and Robotics
    • Tomorrow’s deployable Robots: efficient, robust, safe, adaptive and trusted
  • Destination 6 (parts of): A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies
    • eXtended Reality (XR) 
    • Leadership in AI based on trust
    • Systemic approaches to make the most of the technologies within society and industry

The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory to attend the brokerage event. Participants are automatically activated and will be visible to others and able to send & receive meeting requests after they have signed up.
When registering, please, fill in at least one Marketplace Item with information on what expertise you want to offer or request within the scope of the calls.

Participants can be browsed by selected topics in the “Marketplace” section.

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Participants 677
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Spain 114
Türkiye 103
France 75
Italy 58
Portugal 44
Belgium 42
United Kingdom 42
Germany 28
Ireland 26
Netherlands 22
Poland 19
Israel 17
Greece 14
Austria 13
Romania 8
Finland 7
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University 142
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Industry / Large Enterprise 115
Consultant 39
Association/Agency 37
Other 28
Government 21
Total 690
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